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Word Example of - acid

    Example Sentences for acid

    In the same instant, there came the sharp and acid twinge of planoform.

    After the phosphate is reduced to powder, it is mixed with acid.

    Yellowish white flesh, crisp and beautiful flavor, from a mingling of the acid and saccharine.

    The look of the robust, healthy financier was like acid in a wound; it maddened him.

    Pass the acid liquor through the same small filter but collect the liquor apart.

    Other uses of the acid are referred to in connection with sulphur.

    Hence it occurs in greater quantity soon after digesting the indigo with the acid, than afterwards.

    The Acid must be dissolved in the Alcohol before the water is added.

    They would be slightly modified, being absorbed in combination with the (lactic) acid of the stomach.

    The lines were put on the plate before it went into the acid.

Word Origin & History of - acid

    Word Origin & History

    acid 1620s, from Fr. acide, from L. acidus "sour," adj. of state from acere "to be sour," from PIE base *ak- "sharp, pointed" (see acrid). Applied to intense colors from 1916. Slang meaning "LSD-25" first recorded 1966 (see LSD); acid rock (type played by or listen to by people using LSD) is also from 1966; acid house dance music style is 1988, probably from acid in the hallucinogenic sense + house "dance club DJ music style." Acid test is Amer.Eng., 1892, from the frontier days, when gold was distinguished from similar metals by application of nitric acid. Acid rain is first recorded 1859 in ref. England. Adj. acidic is attested from 1877, originally in geology.When I was on acid I would see things that looked like beams of light, and I would hear things that sounded an awful lot like car horns. [Mitch Hedberg, 1968-2005, U.S. stand-up comic]