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The Definition of - degradation (noun)

    the act of degrading.
    the state of being degraded.
    Physical Geography. the wearing down of the land by the erosive action of water, wind, or ice.
    Chemistry. the breakdown of an organic compound.

Word Example of - degradation

    Example Sentences for degradation

    Their degradation made him ready to endure all things if only he could pierce the black cloud overshading them.

    Inefficiency and degradation were the marks of the non-slaveholding whites.

    It is only in this degradation of sordid misery that he is shown to us in the Alchemist of Jonson.

    By the degradation of the human race that they force me to recall.

    Degradation and slavery were to be the portion of the learned Egyptians, but utter extinction is the doom of mighty Babylon.

    It is a degradation which mars your young life and embitters the memories of age.

    "No, no, I protest against the degradation," exclaimed Mr. Danforth.

    Now it seemed to her a manifestation of the degradation into which she had fallen.

    But Agrippa had influence with the emperor and secured the degradation of the governor.

    We shall see how rapid was his downfall, and to what a state of degradation he sunk at last.

Word Origin & History of - degradation

    Word Origin & History

    degradation 1530s, from Fr. dégradation (14c.), from M.L. degradationem, noun of action from degradare (see degrade).