MCQ Question and Answer of Previous BCS Exam

    MP3 Question and Answer of Previous BCS Exam. Bangladesh BPSC MCQ exam question and answer of previous BCS preliminary exam. 100% common will be in future BCS. We are given the year of exam at end of the question.

    1.Pick appropriate preposotion for the following sentence:

    Noureen will discuss the issue with BCS)

    Ans: over

    2.Wordsworth introduced the readers __ a new kind of poetry. (31st BCS)

    Ans: to

    3. .......... his earlier study, the Professor’s new study indicates a general warning trend in global weather. (31st BCS)

    Ans: In contrast to

    4.Your conduct excuse.(29th BCS)

    Ans: of

    5.Julia has been ill......three months.(28th BCS)

    Ans: for

    6.There is no BCS)

    Ans: of

    7.They travelled to Saver......(29th BCS)

    Ans: on foot

    8.Many prefer donating money......distributing clothes.(28th BCS)

    Ans: to

    9.Rizvi requested Rini.......telephone to attend hte meeting.(28th BCS)

    Ans: over

    10.I am not good.......translation.(27th BCS)

    Ans: at

    11.’Hurry up!We have to go.....five minutes’(27thBCS)

    Ans: in

    12.Every driver must be held.....his own actions.(27th BCS)

    Ans: responsible for

    13.’Prior to’ means.....(27thBCS)

    Ans: before

    14.Choose the correct sentence.(26th BCS)

    Ans: The train is running on time

    15.My brother has no BCS)

    Ans: in

    16. He is devoid.....common sense(26th BCS)

    Ans: of

    17. I should appreciate if you complete this work.....Thursday.(26th BCS)

    Ans: by

    18. He devided the money......the two children.(26th/21th BCS)

    Ans: between

    19. I finally killed fly.....a rolled up newspaper.(25th BCS)

    Ans: with

    20.Why are you so angry......?(25th BCS)

    Ans: for

    21.The children were entrusted .....the care of their uncle.(24th BCS)

    Ans: to

    22.He parted..... his friends in tears.(24th BCS)

    Ans: from

    23.I decided to go.....with my friends as i needed some exercise.(24th BCS cancelled)

    Ans: for a walk.

    24.My friends always goes home....foot.(24th BCS cancelled)

    Ans: on

    25.We needed two hundred dollers.....this to pay for everything.(24th BCS cancelled)

    Ans: besides